About us

The African, Caribbean & Black Wellness & Resource Centre (ACB) is an organization committed to educating, enriching, and empowering residents of the Ottawa/Gatineau area. The centre seeks to strengthen our community by fostering unity, self-determination, cooperative economics, collective work, and creativity. Together we can make a better tomorrow by building a stronger society, making connections, helping our community, and improving our future!

Our Mission

The African, Caribbean  Black Wellness Resource Centre aims to empower Black, racialized, and marginalized communities by providing a supportive space for leadership and mentorship. 

Through resources like mental health support, youth training, a weekly food bank, housing assistance, and efforts to reduce social isolation for the elderly, the centre enables these communities to overcome discrimination based on immigration status and race. 

By uplifting individuals, it fosters their ability to flourish and contribute to the broader community, ultimately serving as an empowering infrastructure for typically marginalized individuals.


Our vision

Our vision is to build capacity through literacy, community engagement, resource development, and advancement of Black and marginalized individuals, to ensure a society in which all individuals have equal and equitable rights  empower Black and marginalized individuals in Ottawa/Gatineau surrounding area.

We aim to create positive change and a lasting, sustainable organization that serves as a pillar and home for newcomers in the community.

Our objectives

Inclusiveness and Diversity

Collaboration and Community

Compassion and Respect

Transparency and Accountability

Ethics and Integrity

Excellence and Commitment